Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sexy Milf Teasing

Karen looked up and around the room and saw a chilling stand next to the table. Two bottles of wine were wedged in ice in the stand; two glasses sat on the table. I showed up ten minutes later.

I slid my credit card key in the door, waited for the green light, turned the door handle and slowly pushed the door open. I heard a muffled sound. Water. Behind a closed door. The shower was running. I closed the door and quietly walked in. Karen was in the bathroom. I walked over to the table and poured myself a glass of wine. Karen had already opened a bottle so I helped myself. I sipped as I undressed. Once naked, I refilled my glass and walked towards the bathroom. I eased the door open, stepped in and closed the door. I could hear the different sounds of the water in the shower as Karen moved around. I went to the foot of the tub and drew the shower curtain from the wall, towards the center of the rod. Karen was startled for a moment but relaxed once she realized what was going on.

"Wine...?" I asked. She smiled. I moved the glass towards her but when she reached, I pulled away and smirked.

"Tease." she said, as water ran over her lips. Her eyelids kept batting as water flowed over them, coming down from her head. Her hair was matted against her skin. My eyes fell from her head to her shoulders and kept falling as I soaked in the wonderful view of her nakedness. Each part of her body was like its own, separate, little waterfall as the clear fluid cascaded over her shape. The steam was like a mist, fogging and exciting my senses all at once.

Horny Mature Woman

"Do you remember years ago after we had been married a few years, and we decided to act on some of our fantasies? " Her hand rested on my chest and gently played with the hairs.

I smiled and felt my cock jerk at the thought. "Oh yes, I think of those times quite often." Back before the kids had come along we had 'experimented', but then with children growing up and normal life those times were forgotten. We had never gotten into swinging, but had enjoyed acting out some of our fantasies with another girl or guy. "It's been a long time, but they were certainly good times... Why? Now that we have the house to ourselves again do you want to try it again?" I wondered where this conversation was going, but decided it best to see what Ginger had on her mind.

"I don't know... " Her voice trailed off as she collected her thoughts. "We're not young and sexy like we used to be... my tits sag and I've got stretch marks from having kids... " I smiled and looked down at her exposed breasts. They weren't as firm as they used to be, but 38C's probably wouldn't be at fifty years old. They were still enticing, full orbs that rested comfortably in the palm of your hand with large dark nipples that hardened to the touch.

I chuckled and reaching out, ran my fingers lightly over her nipples. "No, we aren't young kids that's for sure, but you still have an attractive body. Even with, what you think are flaws, you've always kept yourself in shape and those imperfections only add to your beauty."

Ginger smiled, " Thank you lover. You're grayer and all, but even bald you still are a striking man. One thing though that hasn't changed is that nice thick eight inches." She glanced down at my hardness. "But after having kids and getting older I'm not that beauty you first saw thirty years ago."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mature Women

When Al came down he also had only a dressing gown on and a comforting kiss to both Jo and me made the butterflies within me finally settle. He sat on my other side and l was warming as I felt Jo's hand on my inner thigh and was stroking and slowly making circles with her finger nails on my bare flesh, showing between my skirt and my stocking top. Knowing this wasn't the plan, but not attempting to stop it.

We talked for ages and Jo was so interested in my life story and my other sexual conquests, while all the time Al , with his closeness on me and the intimate closeness of Jo were both doing a nice job in exciting me and calming me at the same time.

Must have been around ten when Al stepped into the conversation and suggested that Jo go and leave me and him together. About 10 minutes after this Jo finally lifted herself up off the settee, and went into the kitchen to refill our drinks. Then as if by plan Jo left the light on behind her and ....well l could see her mound of pubic hairs and the shape of her open thighs in the light behind her. Jo handed us both a drink then almost reluctantly went over to the chair that was facing us